An Introduction to MS Polymer Sealants

AN INTRODUCTION TO MS POLYMER SEALANTS Despite their comparatively recent surge in popularity, MS polymer sealants have been around since the late 1970s. Japanese company Kaneka originally developed MS polymers as a durable, highly elastic structural sealant to help protect buildings from the devastating effects of Japan’s frequent earthquakes. Since then, researchers have optimized, refined, […]

Call Before you install

Call Before You Install When it comes to choosing the correct firestopping product, to resume the integrity of a fire-rated assembly, remember to call before you install. With years of experience in the sealant, adhesive, and firestopping industries under our belt, we have observed our fair share of costly errors made with firestopping products. Particularly with misapplication […]

Sausage Tube Packaging: An Economical Alternative to Pre-Formed Cartridges

Sausage Tube Packaging Sealants and adhesives packaged in sausage tubes offer many advantages over standard, pre-formed cartridges. Most caulkable sealants and adhesives are dispensed using pre-formed cartridges. These cartridges consist of a tube, plunger, and nozzle. While there are many variations when it comes to the materials the tubes are made of, the nozzle type, […]

Volatile Organic Compounds in the Built Environment

VOCs IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or installer of building products such as caulks and sealants, you’ve no doubt heard of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). But, you may be unaware of what, exactly, they are and why such an emphasis is placed on limiting their presence within the built environment. Volatile […]

Fireblocking – What is Code Compliant?


Understanding the dreaded “or approved material” in fireblocking code requirements Are you confused about what products are approved for fireblocking applications or what test standards you should use when evaluating a product? Do you wish there were some sort of comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand resources? You’re not alone. The “Fireblocking – What is Code Compliant?” training […]

Everkem Looks Back After a Year In Our New Facility

In March of 2020, Everkem started a new chapter with the move to a more spacious facility. We are thrilled to share what we’ve been up to since the move. But first, let’s take a moment to look back and reflect on how far we’ve come. For 14 years, we called 5180 Indiana Avenue in […]

Everkem Announces Move to New Facility to Support Our Continued Growth

Everkem is excited to announce a major move to a larger facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We will be moving from our current location at 5180 Indiana Avenue to 120 Regent Drive. The new facility is approximately 48,000 square feet, roughly twice the size of our current facility with notable increases in manufacturing, shipping, and […]

Show Us Your Caulk – Everkem Photo Contest

  One of our favorite things is seeing our caulk in the rugged and capable hands of true professionals, meeting the demands of the toughest jobs out there. We love seeing our products in action so much, that we’re calling on all caulkologists to SHOW US YOUR CAULK in our photo contest! Send us your best photos […]

TruSil100 Silicone Sealant Meets LEED v4 Emission Requirements

image of TruSil100 caulk

In a previous entry we announced that our FS814 and SS90 products were tested for emissions and were confirmed to be LEED v4 compliant per CA Section 01350. Today, we’re happy to announce that our NSF Rated, 100% Silicone Sealant, TruSil 100 has been tested and is LEED v4 compliant as well. You can view the testing documentation here. As […]

Caulks and Sealants in Wildlife Control

Everkem Diversified Products' EvoSeal used to seal foundation.

With the cold weather of winter setting in, humans aren’t the only creatures seeking to keep warm. All sorts of critters from mice to raccoons, opossums to foxes are looking for shelter and places to stay warm. Often times, their search for shelter can bring them into our homes where they enjoy dwelling in places […]

Firestop-814+ and Sound Seal 90 Meet LEED v4 Emission Requirements

uilt environment through our sealants, adhesives, and firestopping products. Each of these product categories play vital roles in energy conservation, as safeguards from air and noise pollution, the preservation of physical property, and most importantly – the protection of human health and well-being. To that end, we are pleased to announce that our Firestop-814+ Firestopping Sealant and Sound […]

Simplifying Sound Reduction: Flanking Noise and Acoustical Sealants

Diagram of flanking pathways that can reduce the sound reduction performance of a sound wall/partition.

This article is the second of a two-part article series focusing on sound. For part one, a primer focused on the basics of sound and sound reduction, click here. In the previous entry of our series on sound, we touched on the basics of sound and the main principles of sound reduction and isolation. One of […]

Simplifying Sound Reduction: The Basics

Most individuals understand the need to seal a built structure against the infiltration of heat, cold, and air pollution. However, the importance of sound reduction -sealing against unwanted noise infiltration and transmission – is often times overlooked. The importance tends to come to the forefront when building occupants complain about outside noises (such as traffic, […]

Everkem Adds Fixed Nozzle As TruSil 100 Packaging Option

trusil lids

As part of our commitment to customer-driven solutions, Everkem Diversified Products is pleased to announce the addition of fixed nozzle tubes to our TruSil 100 line of Silicone Sealants, thus offering both fixed nozzle and removable nozzle packaging options for the product. The line was launched with a screw on nozzle which allowed for easy cleaning, storage, […]

Everkem Now Offers Hand Warmer – Stay Warm & Productive This Winter!

Temperatures across the country are dropping as winter swings into full effect. However, we know that there is still plenty of work to be done, regardless of what the thermometer says. That’s why we’re pleased to add Heat Factory® Hand Warmers to our seasonal product mix – to keep you safe and warm while you […]

Everkem Announces Launch Of Thermal Seal – All In One Foam Sealant

Thermal Seal Gun Dispensed Polyurethane Foam Sealant All In One Window and Door Foam Fireblock Foam

ALL-IN-ONE WINDOW & DOOR / FIREBLOCKING FOAM SEALANT In our never ending pursuit to provide our customers with high quality, performance driven products to help them succeed, Everkem is pleased to announce the launch of our Thermal Seal All-In-One Foam Sealant, and its addition to our comprehensive line of foam sealant solutions. Thermal Seal All-In-One Foam Sealant […]

Everkem Donates Silicone To Help With Home Maintenance For Those In Need

RTV Caulk Donation Pic

Recently, Everkem was fortunate enough to be able to contribute to a worthy cause. House Of Prayer & Praise Ministries, located in Warren, Ohio is a non-profit Christian Ministry specializing in the distribution of food, clothing, and other items such as slightly used furniture, appliances, and household goods as well as providing simple home maintenance […]

Everkem Announces Launch Of FlameTech-FB – Fireblocking Foam Sealant

FlameTech FB Fireblock Foam Sealant

Continuing our commitment to providing quality, market-driven product solutions to better serve our customers, Everkem Diversified Products is proud to announce the addition of Flame Tech FB Fireblocking Foam Sealant to our extensive and innovative line of products. Flametech FB Fireblocking Foam Sealant provides maximum results with minimal effort; and combines simplicity with efficiency, making it the […]

NSF Certification & You: NSF Certified Sealants / Adhesives


NSF-Certified Sealants/Adhesives: What it is & What it means to you Differing from latex or silicone caulks, Sound Seal 90 is specially formulated to reduce sound transmission and meet sound reduction requirements. CONTACT US TODAY WHAT IS NSF? There’s a good chance you’ve seen the NSF mark, heard of the certification, or may even carry […]

Firestopping vs. Fireblocking : Do YOU Know The Difference?

whitepaper update 2021 front

Not too long ago, the words Firestopping and Fireblocking were used interchangeably, even though they apply to very different construction objectives. Even today, many manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and installers aren’t entirely sure what these terms mean. However, understanding the difference between Fireblocking and Firestopping is essential, as many failed firestop inspections result from using the wrong product in the wrong type […]

Everkem Announces Launch of TruSil 100- 100% Silicone, NSF Certified Sealant / Adhesive

An integral part of the Everkem Experience is our commitment to developing and providing progressive product solutions to better serve our customers, helping them remain competitive in an ever-changing, ever-evolving marketplace. It’s in the spirit of that commitment that Everkem Diversified Products is proud to announce the addition of TruSil 100 family of products to our […]

Firestop Collars 101

Firestop collars are one part, ready-to-use, UL & ASTM E-814 tested devices for the protection of plastic pipe and conduit penetrations through fire rated floor and wall assemblies. Available in 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch sizes.

FIRESTOP COLLARS 101 What you need to know about intumescent firestop collars and wrap strips. In the firestop industry, we have a saying that if a wrap strip or firestop collar can’t do it, nothing can. Although our Firestop-814+ Intumescent Sealant is UL tested for a variety of firestopping applications for up to 3 hours, when it […]