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We’re committed to providing our customers not only with quality, performance driven products – but valuable information, insight, and programs to help them succeed. Whether you’re looking to estimate how much caulk or sealant you’ll need for your application, in-depth product information, or program information, our resource center is the best place to start.

As the built environment becomes more complex, so do the codes and standards designed to protect it. Firestopping is no exception. To help make sense of it all, we’ve compiles essential firestopping resources to help you firestop with confidence.

One of the most widely used sealant chemistries can also be one of the most confusing. Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Our caulk-yield calculator helps you estimate the amount of sealant or adhesive you’ll need for an application, as well as determining the yield of what you may already have on hand.

In depth knowledge and insight to the industries we serve.

New products, testing and certifications, or company news in a media-ready format.
View our catalogs, sell sheets, and other marketing collateral.
Our EcoSeal stamp is a user friendly symbol specifying which of our products meet are ‘Eco Safe’ and qualify as low VOC products.
Effective merchandising can be the difference between quick inventory turns and dusty shelves. We offer a simple and effective merchandising program with attractive displays to qualifying partners.