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Performance Sealants

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Everkem’s line of performance sealants combine trusted product performance with responsive and dependable customer support. Each product is formulated with durability and consistent performance in mind, resulting in superior sealant solutions. Ranging from an economical 25-year acrylic latex caulk to the most state-of-the-art hybrid sealants, our extensive product solutions ensure the best sealant for the most difficult applications.
is a one-part, medium duty, high temperature refractory and retort cement tested to ASTM E-136/C-199 standards used to repair and seal many refractory applications.
is a multi-purpose construction adhesive, meeting ASTM-C557 designed for heavy duty interior & exterior construction, remodeling, maintenance, and repair projects.
is a premium, heavy duty drywall adhesive meeting ASTM-C557 performance specifications ideal for adhering many building material substrates.
is a high quality latex-based sealing compound used in construction assemblies for achieving and maintaining the required STC rating as per IBC 1207.2 for air-borne sound.
is a non-skinning, non-curing, permanently flexible, butyl rubber sealant. It bonds to most building materials and provides a durable, paintable, waterproof, and temperature-resistant seal.
is a state-of-the art hybrid polymer sealant designed to resist severe environmental conditions encountered in roofing, siding, and many construction and industrial applications.
is an NSF Certified silicone adhesive/sealant meeting ASTM C-920 performance criteria able to withstand continuous exposure to high temperatures (500°F) and short term exposure to 600°F.
is a premium, 100% acetoxy cure silicone sealant that meets ASTM-C920 performance specifications, as well as NSF 51 standards for food processing & storage.
meets ASTM C-920 performance standards and offers 50 year durability. AcuraSeal is designed for top quality interior and extreme exterior applications across a variety of substrates.
meets ASTM C-834 performance specifications and forms a long lasting, moisture protective seal between most building materials. SilTex 40 offers 40 year durability, is paintable, and mildew resistant.
is an economical caulking material meeting ASTM C-834 standards suitable for multiple interior/exterior applications including the sealing and bonding of joints, and prepainting applications.