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Distributor Display & Merchandising Program


To support our customers and further invest in their success, Everkem has developed a Distributor Display Program.

The program is designed to help our customers increase their profitability. Planned, effective visual merchandising can be the difference between quick inventory turns that improve cash flow and profitability, and dead inventory that eats up valuable space and causes sales to stagnate.

  • Increased foot traffic to the display area and products on it.
  • Improves floor planning by helping to maximize usable space, creating a more attractive store setting.
  • A centralized, visually appealing firestop & sealant center puts commonly used products in one convenient location.
  • Increase brand recognition, customer loyalty, as well as sales and profitability.
  • Once the display is in your store, it’s yours to keep!
  • Simple, hassle-free buy-in.

The focus of the program is to help our customers move inventory. As such, we designed the program so you are not required to buy a high quantity of products you don’t need.

Floor Unit Buy-In
In order to receive the floor display unit, you purchase one full pallet of any size / available packaging option of our sealants, adhesives, firestopping products, or electrical chemicals which consist of three (3) individual product types.

Up to two of the three individual products purchased can be as small as one case, providing the full pallet quantity is reached.

Countertop Unit Buy In
In order to receive the countertop display unit, you purchase 4 cases of any size / available packaging option. Cases can be mixed and matched to achieve the required buy-in quantity.