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Everkem Adds Fixed Nozzle As TruSil 100 Packaging Option

As part of our commitment to customer-driven solutions, Everkem Diversified Products is pleased to announce the addition of fixed nozzle tubes to our TruSil 100 line of Silicone Sealants, thus offering both fixed nozzle and removable nozzle packaging options for the product.

trusil lids

The line was launched with a screw on nozzle which allowed for easy cleaning, storage, and reuse after the product had been opened. It also allows a smaller, precision-focused bead size easier to achieve via the nozzle being able to be cut to a smaller bead size and swapped out across multiple tubes.

While we received some great feedback on the removable nozzle from a wide portion of our customer base, we also realized that there are some customers for whom the removable cartridge is just not a good fit for their applications. After listening to this feedback, we’re happy to add a fixed nozzle as a packing solution that can meet all of our customers’ needs, completely. We will still carry TruSil 100 in cartridges with removable nozzles while offering the fixed nozzle option.

Fixed nozzles are currently available in clear, with additional colors and mildew-resistant options available upon request. For ordering purposes, fixed nozzle cartridge part numbers are the same, with a simple addition of “-FN” at the end. Ex: TS100C-FN


Preferred by applicators who

  • Apply caulk in bulk
  • Use entire tube at once and don’t need to store partially used tubes
  • Want a larger bead size since the nozzle can be cut closer to the base

There are safety concerns that a fixed nozzle can help address as well.

  • Applicators who work on ladders, roofs, or in other high-up areas may not have the ‘free hands’ to be able to screw off a nozzle, cut it, puncture it, and screw it back on
  • Most of these individuals make heavy use of the nozzle-cutters built into most caulking guns. So, for these individuals, a fixed nozzle is not only more convenient, but safer as well.

ASTM-C920 performance criteria (+/- 25% joint movement)

hot cold temps

Flexible at temperatures from -55°F (-48.3°C) up to 400°F (204.4°C)


Meets low Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.) requirement

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Can be used in and around food processing and storage applications