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Everkem Announces Launch Of Thermal Seal - All In One Foam Sealant



In our never ending pursuit to provide our customers with high quality, performance driven products to help them succeed, Everkem is pleased to announce the launch of our Thermal Seal All-In-One Foam Sealant, and its addition to our comprehensive line of foam sealant solutions.

Thermal Seal All-In-One Foam Sealant was developed to merge quality, efficiency, and performance into one convenient product. Its ‘All-In-One’ formulation enables it to serve not only as a superior, low pressure, expanding  Window & Door / Insulating foam that is AAMA 812-10 compliant and proven not to bow window or door frames; but as a UL evaluated fireblocking foam for use in Type V non-rated 1 & 2 family residential construction. The All-In-One formulation is a boon to contractors/installers and distributors alike. For installers, it helps reduce the number of products required to perform common, yet vitally important applications of building construction, renovation, and upfitting; while helping distributors decrease unique SKU’s by potentially replacing multiple products.

Thermal Seal All-In-One Foam Sealant possesses a unique All-In-One Fireblocking and Window & Door / Insulating formulation

Thermal Seal also possesses increased closed cell content when compared to other gun-dispensed foams commonly found in the market, thereby not only increasing the R-value (the capacity of an insulating material to resist the flow of heat) but the product’s overall strength, and resistance to the leakage of air and water vapor, while retaining the inherent cost effectiveness of open-cell formulations.

Thermal Seal, colored orange for ease of identification, quickly expands to seal off gap to effectively fireblocking requirements in Type V residential construction. This includes the annular space around wires, vents, pipes, ducts, and other mechanical penetrants; as well as common window & door applications such as voids, gaps, cracks, and spaces between window and door jambs / framing.  Its this expansive property that enables one 24 oz. can of Thermal Seal All-In-One Foam Sealant to yield up to the equivalent of 30+ standard caulk tubes. After application, Thermal Seal is tack free in as little as 5 minutes, able to be cut after an hour, and fully cures in 12-24 hours.

Increased closed cell content offers key benefits to the all-in-one foam sealant formulation

Thermal Seal is designed to provide top-quality performance as efficiently as possible. Installers will find themselves switching out cans less often due to the product’s high yield and All-In-One formulation while retaining cost effectiveness per R unit thanks to Thermal Seal’s increased closed cell content. In addition, it allows the installer to move onto new areas or tasks more quickly due to the quick set-up time – all of which contributes to quicker project turnaround at less cost.

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Fireblocking is required by the International Building Code for Type V residential construction.  It is not to be used as a firestop in commercial construction, in any hourly rated assemblies, where a firestop is required, or any application or geographic location where its usage is prohibited by building codes. Always consult with local compliance authorities prior to use. FlameTech FB Fireblocking Foam Sealant is  for professional use only and should be used with the proper training and personal protective equipment. Refer to our technical data sheet & safety data sheet (found on our product page) for further information, or contact us directly.