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Where some may see a tube of caulk or a bottle of grease, there is far more to our products than meets the eye. With a focus on performance, our formulations are engineered and tested to ensure ease of application, reliability and confidence that they will outperform your expectations. This level of quality can only be achieved through consistent attention to detail and the determination to continually improve our products, our systems, and ourselves. Our products are a reflection of the passion, care and commitment the Everkem Team has in reaching our greatest potential and we are confident you will see this in every aspect of the Everkem experience. We realize that we can reach our greatest potential through helping you attain yours, and that will happen through the trusted performance of our products.

is a high quality, paste like grease compound containing electrically conductive zinc particles designed to prevent corrosion and formation of oxide film in aluminum electrical connections.
is a premium grade lubricant tested to ASTM-D1693 Stress Cracking Standards and formulated to reduce friction and make cold-weather wire pulls in temperatures as low as -20°F quick and easy.
allows for a labor-saving efficient means of dispensing single component, polyeurethane expanding foam sealants.
allows for product flow adjustment to decrease waste. Sturdy metallic construction ensure reusability.
is a high quality foam application gun designed for use with single component polyurethane foams.
is our most technologically advanced gun for heavy duty use.
is a spray gun designed for application of single component polyurethane foams. A long barrel allows for application in excessively high or low areas.
We offer many staples for our hammer tackers in a wide array of sizes and brands synonymous with fastening quality. Most are available in galvanized or lacquer finish.
Replacement blades for our Retractable Blade Utility Knives. Each package contains 100 heavy duty utility blades.
are made of the highest quality chrome vanadium steel and feature smooth, hardwood handles for exceptional grip and comfort.
are essentials to many job-site functions, featuring solid construction and three blades.
is an excellent tool for insulation, roof paper, and house wrap. It features quick jam clearing and durable construction for greater reliability.
features a die cast, hardened steel frame construction, quick load magazine, and tool-free jam clearing. A lightweight and durable design make this unit ideal for high volume applications.
is a premium grade lubricant tested to ASTM D-1693 Environmental Stress Cracking Standards, and is designed to reduce friction and surface tension to make difficult wire pulls quick and easy.
ready to use, one component, polyurethane based foam adhesive. It has excellent adhesion to drywall, vinyl-faced wallboard, masonry, lumber, and other common construction materials.
is a ready - to- use polyurethane expanding foam formula ted for filling, insulating and sealing gaps, cracks and openings in the interior and exter ior of buildings.