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Electrical Chemicals

Electrical chemicals group

With the ever increasing importance of energy efficiency, Everkem offers a wide variety of insulating foam sealants and accessories to complement our Seal Tite line. Our foam products offer consistent quality, high yield, economical solutions for air infiltration and insulating. Recognized by AAMA, UL, and ICC ES evaluated to meet ASTM standards, we are your one-stop shop for performance driven foam sealants and accessories.

is a high quality, paste like grease compound containing electrically conductive zinc particles designed to prevent corrosion and formation of oxide film in aluminum electrical connections.
is a premium grade lubricant tested to ASTM-D1693 Stress Cracking Standards and formulated to reduce friction and make cold-weather wire pulls in temperatures as low as -20°F quick and easy.
is a premium grade lubricant tested to ASTM D-1693 Environmental Stress Cracking Standards, and is designed to reduce friction and surface tension to make difficult wire pulls quick and easy.