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Everkem Announces Launch Of FlameTech-FB - Fireblocking Foam Sealant

Continuing our commitment to providing quality, market-driven product solutions to better serve our customers, Everkem Diversified Products is proud to announce the addition of Flame Tech FB Fireblocking Foam Sealant to our extensive and innovative line of products.

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Flametech FB Fireblocking Foam Sealant provides maximum results with minimal effort; and combines simplicity with efficiency, making it the ideal choice in fireblocking product technology. Flame Tech FB  is a ready to use polyurethane expanding foam sealant for filling, insulating, and sealing around vents, pipes, ducts, and other such items that penetrate top/sill plates and similar openings in Type V residential construction. UL classified and recognized as an alternative fireblocking material, Flame Tech FB offers several advantages over traditional fireblocking materials and methods.

Flame Tech FB Fireblocking Foam Sealant offers a simple, fast, and efficient application, significantly reducing application time and labor costs  – just point and shoot! The foam sealant, colored orange for easy identification as a fireblocking material, expands up to 3 times the original bead size to quickly and effectively seal off gaps and voids around wires, pipes, ducts, and similar openings. Its this expansive property  that offers greater yield than traditional fireblocking caulks. One 12 oz. can of FlameTech FB Fireblocking Foam Sealant can yield up to the equivalent of 15 standard caulk tubes, making it an efficient and cost effective method of fireblocking.

After application, Flame Tech FB Fireblocking Foam Sealant reacts to ambient moisture/humidity in the air, creating a durable closed cell barrier against draft, noise, moisture, and infiltration. Flame Tech FB is tack free in as little as 10 minutes and able to be cut after an hour, and fully cures in 12-24 hours.


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Fireblocking is required by the International Building Code for Type V residential construction.  It is not to be used as a firestop in commercial construction, in any hourly rated assemblies, where a firestop is required, or any application or geographic location where its usage is prohibited by building codes. Always consult with local compliance authorities prior to use. FlameTech FB Fireblocking Foam Sealant is  for professional use only and should be used with the proper training and personal protective equipment. Refer to our technical data sheet & safety data sheet (found on our product page) for further information, or contact us directly.