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Firestopping vs. Fireblocking : Do YOU Know The Difference?

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Not too long ago, the words Firestopping and Fireblocking were used interchangeably, even though they apply to very different construction objectives. Even today, many manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and installers aren’t entirely sure what these terms mean.

However, understanding the difference between Fireblocking and Firestopping is essential, as many failed firestop inspections result from using the wrong product in the wrong type of application/construction assembly. Using an incorrect product for a particular application could have potentially dire consequences such as fines, property damage, and worst of all – loss of life.

Consistent with our mission, the Everkem Team is committed to more than providing a comprehensive line of quality, tried and tested firestop solutions. Equally important is providing knowledge and insight to ensure the success of our customers, and the safety of those they serve.

Download our whitepaper Firestopping vs. Fireblocking today to understand the difference between Firestopping and Fireblocking. It’s free, with no registration required.


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