Firestopping vs. Fireblocking : Do YOU Know The Difference?

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Not too long ago, the words Firestopping and Fireblocking were used interchangeably, even though they apply to very different construction objectives. Even today, many manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and installers aren’t entirely sure what these terms mean. However, understanding the difference between Fireblocking and Firestopping is essential, as many failed firestop inspections result from using the wrong product in the wrong type […]

Everkem Announces Launch of TruSil 100- 100% Silicone, NSF Certified Sealant / Adhesive

An integral part of the Everkem Experience is our commitment to developing and providing progressive product solutions to better serve our customers, helping them remain competitive in an ever-changing, ever-evolving marketplace. It’s in the spirit of that commitment that Everkem Diversified Products is proud to announce the addition of TruSil 100 family of products to our […]