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Product Spotlight – Pro Series Caulk Guns

All Grip 60 Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive applied with Everkem Pro Series caulk gun

Hey, did we mention we’ve got caulk guns? Well, we do! But, why’s that matter? What’s the big deal about caulk guns anyway?

We hear you.

But, think of it this way: You can have the absolute best, most well-tested, most durable, amazing caulk in the history of caulk… but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t apply it quickly, cleanly, and where you need it. Without a good caulk gun, that excellent (and probably expensive) caulk is wasted. Maybe the gun kept too much pressure on the cartridge, which caused dripping and now there’s more caulk coiled up in a pile than on your seam or still in your tube. Maybe you’re gunning out way too much caulk or can hardly get any gunned out at all because the gun doesn’t have the proper thrust ratio for the type of sealant or adhesive you’re using.

As a proud group of self-proclaimed Caulkologists, we use (and abuse) caulk guns. From gunning out test formulations and samples of various chemistries in our lab to repairs and projects around the office and on the production floor, we put them through their paces. It’s not uncommon for our tests to include gunning out several cases of product, sometimes out of one tube and into another, and then gun that out.

We used to sell (and use) a fairly basic model from a well-known US caulk gun manufacturer, which we usually gave out for free or at a low cost to customers. They were always a loss leader, showing up as a big fat negative on the P&L every year as a result. But in all honesty, we couldn’t justify making money on caulk guns that we didn’t like using ourselves.

Despite that, we soldiered on. You gotta have a caulk gun to use caulk, after all. What hurt the most was learning that not only did our customers hate them, but they felt terrible about complaining since they were free. That was all we needed to hear to start looking for a quality solution our end-users would be happy using and our distributors could competitively sell.

We searched high and low, testing out all sorts of guns from all over the world. One set of samples were only $1.50, but after a few days in our lab, we tossed them out. They were complete garbage, and while we sometimes sell stuff cheap, we don’t sell cheap stuff.

After going through dozens of samples, we settled on 5 mid-range models we liked for use in our lab and factory. And the good news? We can sell these comparatively higher-quality guns at a price point that keeps our distributing partners competitive and profitable.

From top: Pro Series Heavy Duty sausage tube gun Part# CG-00144Pro Series Heavy Duty 29oz caulk gun Part# CG-00143Pro Series Heavy Duty 10oz skeleton caulk gun Part# CG-00142Pro Series Skeleton 10oz skeleton rod caulk gun Part# CG-00141Pro Series 10oz cradle caulk gun Part# CG-00140


With our low pre-paid freight and ability to mix and match products to achieve minimums, you don’t have to order a 30-case price+ shipping like you would with others. Instead, we can offer a split case of caulk guns to ride along with your caulk.

We offer multiple guns for 10oz cartridges, including a reliable cradle gun (Part# CG-00140; compared to Newborn Bros 120D and Dripless CH200) to a Heavy Duty Skeleton Rod (Part# CG-00142); compared to Newborn Bros. 250 AL and Dripless SI300) with a rotating barrel to make gunning around corners a breeze. We also offer a heavy-duty 29oz gun (Part# CG-00143; compare to Newborn Bros. 125 and Dripless SH400) alongside a sausage tube gun (Part# CG-00144; compare to Newborn Bros 610 AL and Dripless PS600) with five interchangeable nozzles of various sizes to quickly and easily adjust bead size. Click here to see our full range of application guns.