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Employee Spotlight – Tony Celhar

For a lifelong salesperson, life on the road becomes part of your DNA. Unfortunately, Covid has changed a lot of things for everyone. With most companies not accepting guests due to Covid, our sales team has been working from home or the office and it has started to turn some of them a little stir crazy. Out of all of our sales team, no one is more eager to get back on the road to shake hands and talk caulk than our Northeast Territory Sales Manager Tony Celhar.

Tony is a seasoned caulk-selling veteran and has worked in the industry for over 40 years, holding many key roles throughout the years including National Sales Manager for some of the world’s largest sealant manufacturers. With his length and breadth of industry experience, it’s fun to learn and talk caulk with a guy that has worked with so many people in our industry and who worked with all of the really large sealant manufacturers we have today.

Tony has been a faithful sales warrior for Everkem for over 6 years now covering our Northeast territory from Maine to Maryland. He’s been scratching at the door and is begging for an excuse to get back out on the road. As Summer approaches and your Northeast jobs continue to be sealed up, please be sure to think of Tony Celhar and give him a call or send him an email if you want to talk caulk!