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Pro Series Heavy Duty 20 oz. Sausage Tube Gun

• 18:1 thrust ratio
• Easy front-loading with quick screw system
• Multiple different sized nozzles
• Sturdy aluminum construction

Everkem Pro Series Sausage Tube Gun with ladder hook, thumb release, and multiple sized, removable nozzles


The Everkem Pro Series Heavy Duty 20 oz. Sausage Tube Gun is designed with an 18:1 thrust ratio for the application of seam sealers, sealants, and adhesives packaged in sausage packs or cartridges. Multiple nozzles of varying sizes ensure that the proper bead size is always at hand. The sturdy aluminum construction ensures long-lasting, trouble free usage.


• 18:1 thrust ratio
• Aluminum construction

Product Features

• Easy front loading with quick screw system
• Thumb trigger pressure release
• Multiple different sized nozzles
• Ladder hook
• Foil piercing tool


Part #: Product Description Case Qty
CG-00144 Pro Series Heavy Duty 20 oz. Sausage Gun Each


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