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Pro Series Heavy Duty 10 oz. Skeleton Caulk Gun

• 15:1 thrust ratio

• Rotating barrel
• Thumb trigger pressure release
• Ladder hook
• Spout cutter & seal puncture tool
• Easy load front cap

Everkem Pro Series Heavy Duty Skeleton Caulk Gun with rotating barrel, ladder hook, nozzle cutter, thumb release, and foil piercer


The Everkem Pro Series Heavy Duty 10 oz Skeleton Caulk Gun is designed for the professional applicator. With a 15:1 thrust ratio, the Pro Series Heavy Duty is perfect for heavier bodied, higher viscosity sealants and adhesives as well as lower viscosity caulking products like acrylic and silicone. A built-in spout cutter and seal puncture tool get you ready to caulk in seconds while the ladder hook keeps the gun safely within reach while freeing up your hands. The rotating barrel helps to maintain a consistent bead profile around corners, and the spring-loaded thumb release ensures a clean, no-drip finish.


• Fits standard 10 oz cartridges
• 15:1 thrust ratio
• Solid steel construction
• Skeleton frame
• Smooth rod

Product Features

• Rotating barrel
• Thumb trigger pressure release
• No-drip design
• Easy load front cap
• Ladder hook
• Seal puncture tool
• Spout cutter


Part #: Product Description Case Qty
CG-00142 Pro Series Heavy Duty 10 oz. Skeleton Caulk Gun 12 guns/ case


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