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Employee Spotlight – Pat “Wing Nut” Jacques

Jason Lynch with Pat in hospital supportingOn average, we spend more awake time at work with our coworkers than at home with our families. At Everkem, we pride ourselves on having a close-knit team and recognize the value of a strong, family-like culture. While we not only deal with the everyday challenges of working together in a small grassroots caulk manufacturing company, sometimes our personal and family challenges can follow us to work and out on the factory floor. Nowhere within our team has this been more evident than with this month’s team member spotlight.

Pat “Wing Nut” Jacques has been a faithful Everkem team member for over 6 years and a personal friend for over 10 years. Like many of us, life has a way of sneaking up on us, and Pat’s dependency on alcohol became apparent in May of 2021 when his health took a serious turn for the worst. Shortly after a nasty fall that led him to the ICU at Forsyth Medical Center, Pat’s health declined with internal bleeding and a heart rate below 30 beats per minute. Although he has always been on time with perfect attendance, Pat’s appearance, job performance, and love of life began to fade, eventually leading to an involuntary leave of absence.

Pat in machinery 2When I first entered the room and saw Pat lying unconscious with tubes going down his throat, I couldn’t imagine he could recover. I definitely thought I was coming to say goodbye. With tears in my eyes, I held his hand and told him that we needed him to get better. “Come on, Wing Nut, the team is counting on you, and we need you to help get the orders out.”

I left the hospital that afternoon with little hope that he would make it through the night. But when I arrived 3 days later and entered his room, a familiar voice said, “Well, hello, Mr. Lynch.” And there was Wing Nut sitting up with a smile on his face.

It is truly remarkable the difference between who Pat was and is now. Still sober for a year and a half, Pat has fully recovered his health, his zest for life, and his love for the Everkem team. Pat keeps an elevated pace, always brings a contagious positive attitude, and is now a high performer in getting the job done and the orders out. Always keeping busy, smiling, and pushing to make Everkem a better place, I am super thankful to be part of Wing Nut’s journey through life, and I am very proud to have Pat as a part of our Everkem team.