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Calling All Caulkologists!


noun a person that has extensive knowledge, experience, or specialization in the chemistry, properties, or application of caulk, sealants, or adhesives. Someone that understands the importance of installing the best-tested product in the most crucial applications the right way, the first time, and with pride

Ex: Everkem is committed to providing performance-based solutions to caulkologists

We recognize that the true drivers of our success are the Caulkologists using our products day after day; wearing our product home at night on a pant leg, t-shirt, or pair of workboots. We like to think that when you use our products, you become a part of our history, our process, our passion – and a part of our team in your own way.

Likewise, by using our products, we become a part of your story as well. When you complete a job using our products, both our names are on it.

We believe that, because we see ourselves as Caulkologists, too. Not only because we’ve been a part of the sealants and adhesives industry for almost 25 years, but because we hold ourselves to exacting standards while putting a piece of ourselves in each product we make.

We believe that it’s our responsibility to provide effective, reliable solutions for Caulkologists out in the field and understand that our product performance, responsive support, and reliable delivery times play an integral part in a job well done.

We’re committed to delivering the best experience in a caulk tube. In a way, it’s just as much our message that is contained within a cartridge as it is our product. At its core, that’s what being a Caulkologist is all about – putting a piece of yourself into the work you do. If that sounds like you, then drop us a line and tell us more!