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Team Member Spotlight – Matt Lowman – Q3 -2022

It wasn’t the Bachelor’s degree with a marketing focus in Business Admin from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington that caught my eye. Nor was it his previous work experience in various industries or his list of accomplishments. It was his use of original (yet still legible) fonts, crisp, clean lines under the heading, and subtle but impactful use of colors that drew me in.

“How clever,” I thought. “A marketing candidate that actually used some creativity on their resume to get my attention.” I couldn’t help but wonder why more people didn’t do that. It almost seemed against the rules, unfair to the other candidates who followed the same old boring resume protocol they were taught since high school.

His was different. He stood out. And that was exactly what I was looking for – someone outstanding.

Since starting as our Marketing Manager in 2013, Matt has been instrumental in pioneering and building the Everkem brand. Our product packaging, catalog, website – all of the marketing that defines not only what we do, but who we are – has been done by him. It is through his creativity, knowledge, and skills that my vision of Everkem has become a reality.

New SilTex40 Packaging Design
New SilTex40 Packaging Design

New vs Original Product Catalog

New SilTex40 Packaging Design
New SilTex40 Packaging Design

After 10 years at Everkem (the last 5 of which has been as Marketing Director), his skills have brought us many new customers and deepened our relationships. But, they’ve also attracted larger, industry-leading companies seeking a proven marketing leader to oversee their marketing efforts. As a result, and a bittersweet ending to this employee spotlight, Matt will be moving on to a new opportunity where he can continue to grow personally and professionally.

Although I am sad and slightly anxious at the idea of one of my star team members leaving, I’m grateful to have worked alongside Matt for so many years and to have shared in so many successes.

I’m proud to have witnessed your growth and accomplishments and am confident you’ll see much more of both in the future. I’m so very thankful to have walked alongside you as a coworker and friend. I wish you all the best!