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Team Member Spotlight – Ivan Sanchez – Q2, 2022

Production Manager at Everkem, Ivan Sanchez

Production Manager, Ivan Sanchez

When our long-time Production Manager, Bobby, took unexpected medical leave in early February, we were facing plenty of challenges in the form of a workforce depleted by Covid, labor shortages, and difficulty procuring materials alongside skyrocketing costs. While we added new team members to help fulfill our obligations to our customers, these new hires were still learning the ropes.

We were overwhelmed with a backlog of orders that had built up, stemming from the initial shock of materials shortages in late Q3 and Q4 of 2021. Stress levels were at an all-time high while team morale fell to an all-time low. Our hopes of catching up on backorders seemed bleak, and a strong start to 2022 looked to be fading fast.

There’s a saying you may have heard before: “Heroes aren’t made. They’re born out of circumstances where regular individuals rise to the occasion.” Just as all hope seemed to be lost, enter Ivan Sanchez into the role of Production Manager.

At age 25, Mr. Ivan P. Sanchez has earned his stripes working in production and as a top leader for our mixing team, which he helped regiment almost seven years ago. Ivan’s “do whatever it takes” attitude, his pace-setting work ethic, and the pride he takes in his work prove value and serve as an example to others.

After six years of grinding it out in our mixing, production, and “do anything” departments, Ivan began transitioning into sales and customer service. Just as he was getting his feet wet, the calling came for someone to step up and take over the Production Manager role – a role floundering in a sea of backlogged orders and material and labor shortages since Bobby’s absence. Ivan has risen to the occasion, a testament to his broad skill set and adaptability. Our team has rallied behind him as we continue to navigate these choppy waters while perfecting our craft of caulk.

We’re thankful to have Ivan take the lead on the production floor, and we have already seen significant progress in improving efficiencies. We are excited to continue to refine our manufacturing process to support our goal of a superior customer experience. Having Ivan at the helm has positioned us to accelerate that process in a time when it’s so important to ‘always keep moving.’