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Team Member Spotlight – Bobby Hamm – Q1, 2022

Everkem production manager Bobby, smiling with a goldfinch on his shirt.I don’t even remember the first day I met Bobby, but he kind of came with the farm, as the saying goes. Frank Robert Hamm “Bobby” is our Production Manager and has been with Lin and me since the beginning.

Originally from Ashtabula, OH, Bobby’s older brother Larry (our Shipping Manager), Bobby’s nephew Michael (our Specialty Products Team Leader), and Bobby’s nephew Harrison (Cartridge Filling Machine Operator) are part of the driving force behind the Everkem engine. They help keep this place going with an unmatched commitment to getting our product packaged and shipped out the door.

Bobby is a simple guy. He doesn’t ask for much. He’s predictably reliable, doesn’t mind getting dirty, and likes to get the job done. He prides himself on the fact that he can eat just about anything he wants and never gains weight. You could say he is a creature of habit, living primarily on cigarettes, mountain dew, and sugar candy.

He runs the schedule, runs the product, and knows where everything is and how to do just about anything around our facility. He comes in on Sundays to organize and clean things up – and we love him for that and more. He’s part of our Everkem family, and we all depend on Bobby to get the orders out.

Bobby has been the backbone of our production team for 17 years and is an essential ingredient in our unique chemistry of people that make us Everkem. Lin and I rely heavily on Bobby every day to coach the production team and prepare the production schedule. We depend on him to help run, fix, and set up equipment. We count on him to help us handle all of the other manufacturing headaches on the production floor.

Bobby has recently had to take time off for medical leave, challenging our team to pick up the slack. Bobby’s role is a big one to fill, and we miss him greatly. We all hope for his speedy recovery, and we look forward to him returning soon to get the orders out and get things done.

Best wishes, Bobby! Get healthy and stay Everkem strong!